Be inspired every week. Know the positive and negative energies that you may encounter every week. It is always best to have yourself ready for the possible challenges and problems along the way. Know how to solve your problems as to have a productive week and stay close to negative vibes. Your expectations will make you realize important things you need to take details on.

Learn how to handle your weekly stress and get rid of them by having an alternative plan in making a decision. A little mystery can make your life a bit interesting. Finding it out makes your intuitions stronger. Be prepared to test your patience, attitude and do not forget to always give the benefit of the don’t in every situation,

Nicholas is an intuitive channeller, empath and seasonal Tarot reader. Nicholas readings of weekly horoscope are released every Monday. The forecast is for the next week, from Monday to Sunday. Monthly readings are released every first day of the month. Usually his readings are released on or slightly before the first of every month. All meditational videos by Nicholas are also released periodically but no specific schedule is being followed.