Nicholas Readings- weekly horoscope

Nicholas is a seasoned intuitive reader currently based in Southern California. Nicholas is naturally empathic, clairsentient, and is well experienced in using the Tarot. He uses these skills and knowledge to enhance reading and gives the best guidance possible. Aside from being a Tarot reader, he is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation instructor. Nicholas reading of weekly horoscope is supported by his subscribers online.

Nicholas does readings for weekly horoscope and uploads it in his website. His weekly horoscope forecast starts on a Monday and ends on s Sunday. The format for his readings starts with blessings and blocks, higher and lower frequency of energy for the week then will go into details for the 7 days of the week and ends with signs and specific information. The main difference between the weekly and monthly forecast are weeklies are all channels and monthly’s includes terra oracle and channelled information.

You can schedule an appointment with Nicholas. Select your desired time for appointment length, choose from 1, 1 .5 or 2 hours. Make sure to confirm your time zone. Nicholas can entertain everyone all over the world as long as you fix your appointment schedule. Nicholas reading comes with a place of light, truth, support and compassion.