Am I eligible for cash loans even if I have a bad credit history? Yes, you’re eligible but it depends on the type of loan you’re going to apply. If you’re in doubt and may be hopeless because you might not get approved for a loan, stop worrying. An express loan can help you solve your problem.

You might be asking right now, what is an express loan? Here is the basic information you need to know:

Bad credit payday loans on-line

The express loan is a loan service where it allows individual with bad credit history to borrow a small amount of money especially during an emergency. It’s not a long-term solution for a bad credit score. Instead, it’s a short-term solution for emergency cases that does not impose background checks of the borrower. The borrower can borrow online and receive the approval in minutes.

Receive borrowed money

Once your application is approved, you can receive the money through your bank account. You don’t need to undergo other processes that may delay the money you need. It’s important that you have a bank account so you can say that This is where I got my loan from.

However, you can’t have two payday loans at the same time. You need to repay the first loan before you can loan another one.

Payment process

You can pay through a debit card. It’s important that you have it upon application so you can be approved. Ensure that the debit card you’ll add to your application has the funds needed to transfer for your payment. Your application can’t be approved without it.

Homeowner requirement

The good thing about payday loan is that you can borrow even you are a tenant or you’re living with your parents. You don’t need to have your own home. You just need a debit card as a proof that you can pay the money you borrow.



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